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The Need and the Want about buying a home.

Something to consider

Here is something to consider when thinking of buying a permanet home here in South Carolina and just about anywhere in the United States and that is the need, and the want about purchasing a new home , Lets talk about the need and want, ok?  First I waould say you have to fiqure out what exactly is that need or that wanted feature ? Is it for just one reason or is it for many or is it somewhere in between? Lets discuss a few common posibilities. One possibility is to move to somewhere where it's safer, that the crime rate is lower, and the major concerns are those that include violent  and those that involve larcency for most buyers, not to say others are not as important as well. The other concern is for those who have children, is what type of education does the locality bring and offer to my children and how does it rate both locally and nationally. For those who are ready to retire  or are retired and want to move or need to, the biggset concern is affordability, and lets face it the major concern there is taxes and most importantly property taxes.

  As you can see the list is never ending for sure, and the most important thing to remember about the wants and needs is just that ,,,, to remember about what they are when considering buying a home, be it  two blocks away or across country.  It is very easy to get wrapped up in the excitment of your purchase and put it on the back burner, so to speak. When you list your home to sell, keep in mind these wants and needs. Think is the crime rate where I live now lower then where I am moving? or is it higher, is the education for my children be better and possibly more affordable, are my taxes goiung to be lower then where I am? and is it going to make it more affordable to stay in my new location over my remaining years?  Is the climate going to be more suitable for myself and family? Will the relocation make it possible to move in a larger home or purchase a new home?

As I previously mentioned this is very important to consider when listing your new home and when it comes to accepting perhaps a much lower offer then expected on you house for sale and your purcahse on your new home. I will cover more in another blog about what  you might want  to consider when accepting offers. 

As with any of my blogs I welcome any comments or suggestions that you might want to offer , it would be nice to hear from you and we can all learn something new in the process.

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