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The more questions and information the better

When it comes to shopping or listing your home, the more questions you ask the better, don't ever worry about asking your agent or home builder what is on your mind. It is true that your agent , be it that they be your listing agent or buyer's agent , should be asking questions as well, that is why they are there but we are only human and sometimes it maybe something that we over looked. If you don't feel comfortable about asking, have your agent ask, and if they can't answer themselves and are not willing to do that for you, perhaps it is time to find someone new who will. With that said very few good agents will ever refuse knowing this is part of their responsibility. Along with questions should come answers and with today's technology it is very easy to verify if you still are not satisfied with the answer you have been given and you also have other alternatives such as asking the B.O.A.(Broker In Charge) after all your contract is really with him or her and their agency and your realtor is actually the assigned represenative on your behalf, but again always give your realtor the oppertunity to resolve that first. I will list some of what I feel is some of the most important questions you as a seller or as a home buyer should have and ask. Lets never forget in real estate as with most thngs in life questions when answered become information. Sometimes the information is a beneficial for the cleint and other times the Realtor and sometimes and in most cases for both parties. The following questions that I feel are very imortant are the following: ( I will probably be adding on from time to time so always come back to review)

When buying a new home, never occupied, What cosmetic defects are corrected and how long am I covered for defects I find?

Is property located in a flood zone?

Is property located in a Hail and Wind Zone?

In your opionion what is a good Offer?

In your opionion what is a reasonable listing price price for home and how long do you feel it will take to sell?

D oyou reccomend anyone for Home Insoection, Home Loans, etc, etc ?

Do  you have any suggestions on what I can do to better my chances for selling my home?

How old are house Items, that convey with property?

Are there any warrenties on Home or any conveying items? 

How is location regarding crime, education, stability and shoping conveince?

What items do the HOA fees cover and what are the rules and or restrictions of the Home Owners Association ?

What are the important Items that my new home will have to Include to me myself and my family happy?

I will add for sure more samples as time goes by and If you have some that you might suggest I include please let me know what they are in your comments, there are so many for sure, some apply to some and others don't, it is really up to the individual and their needs and wants. The important thing here and the reason I covered this subject is to let you the cleint how  questions and information play an enourmous important role in both selling and buying a home.

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