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Home Inspections

Home Inspections are not required to purchase a home but it s for the most part highly reccomended. The cost of a general home inspection can range anywhere from several hundred to $700.00, with most generally runing around $300 -$500.00, it s always a good idea to have an inspector give you a free quote and discuss what is included. Not all inspectors perform the same type of inspection and it's unwise to assume that because you will have the same type of inspection from a previous home inspection. I would suggest that you be there personally and not have someone representing when inspections are being done and most inspectors would prefer you to do that, so there is no confusion from a third party interpertation of any findings. One such confusion that happens is when the third party relates that he or she interperted the inspectors remarks regardng seriousness and cost of possible repairs. Alot of states do not require the inspectors to be certifed, and if possible I would suggest that you look for someone who is possibly certified in a near by state that requires certification and licensed in both the non required as well as the required.

I know that a lot of buyers think of it as just another  unneeded exspense and something that s really not neccessary but I would strongly consider for some peace of mind and confidence that you did at least have the basic items checked that other wise could come back to haunt you. Is it a gaurrentee that nothng will brake or go wrong later with an inspection , the answer is no , but imagine how you will feel later realizing that the seller could have covered the cost of repairs, or you could change your mind because your contract was coverd with an inspection contingency. I would also suggest that it's a good idea to have inspections for new homes as well as resales and even if seller had their own prior to listing . It should be the inspector's responsibility to suggest and point out if he or she feels some areas not more work or inspections who specialize in that particular area, ie: electric, heat, plumbing , structual. I and most realtors will reccomend several home inspectors for ther cleints to chose from. The final decission is that of the buyer.

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