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Check or Ask for HOA docks when ready to purchase

When you are ready to make your final decision on a home, be it a condo, single dwelling , manufactured, multifamily , etc, etc, always ask if there is an HOA OR POA or some form of Home Owners or Property Owners Association involved with the subdivision of where your property is located. Too many people take it for granted and don't realize the commitment or coverage , bad or good that comes with being a member . I have said it before and I will say it again, there is no clear good or bad about being one (a member) and that happens for the most part when you make your purchase, there are some exceptions, where some associations will offer alternatives, even to the point of being a member at all, which is for the most part not all that common. You can ask your buyer's agent if you have one, and you should in my opinion to get the docs for you . Some cases the association might want you to contact them directly and if that is the case your realtor should and probably will have the contacts name and where they can be contacted. As I started to mention earlier the idea of an association and it's rules are not necessarily a bad thing or for some a good thing . It depends on what side of the fence , sort of speak that you sit or stand . If you absolutely don't like rules and the freedom to do what ever you chose to do because after all it's your home you might feel and why should anyone tell me what I can or can not do. If you are on that side of the fence probably a bad thing or lets say some what uncomfortable for you? Keep in mind though that freedom is also enjoyed by your neighbors and you might like what they do or you might not or what they do might bring your property value down because some people don't like house where the paint is peeling or the garage door is always open to show everyone what a beautiful mess if there is one, or a car that is torn apart in some neighbors driveway. You hope that people have the common sense not to do things like that but sadly some don't or plainly think that is ok . Keep in mind that I have suggested from time to time on homes that lets say is not the tidiness or spacious that maybe that they should make some adjustments to help sell their property quicker and for larger offers and the owners tell me they think that it should be kept that way because that is how people live. I tell them you might have a point but lets say a person was selling their off road vehicles and wanted top dollar do you think if they sold it covered with mud , which is the case for those who really enjoy off-road activity, get top dollar or would it be the person who shows a really clean and waxed shiny vehicle ? Although I mostly favor the idea and philosophy of associations to do what they were designed to do and that is protect the value of propety and the desire to live in that particular subdivision. As the saying goes location, location, location it is also repuitation, repuitation, repuitation. Now with all that said I have also have experience association whith rules that can make a giraffe end up with a sore neck and to be honest make people's lives miserable, so having an association and being a member is not always heaven but it does give you the chance to be on a board or elect someone who can make the changes for the better and a form of protection regarding your home value. So ask about home associations and review their docs, ask questions if you have any, otherwise years from now you might say when it's too late ..... I didn't know that was a rule? or better we have to pay how much?

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